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japanese_queen in jpopshopping

Selling Japanese Poster, Magazines,cds and more.

Selling posters, magazines, cds and more...

[b] Morning Musume 3rd CD - (will take picture if asked) when i bought the CD from the store it had no back cover but had like CD and booklet dont know if it was meant to have on or not...guess it was so therefore selling for $15 Shipped [/b]

[b] Koike Teppei massive double sided poster

In good condition selling for $10 .. so $12 shipped.[/b]

[b]August 2007 JUNON magazine *New*

Has WaT articles, Hanazakari no kimitachi e big article, oguri shun article, maki article, Saeko fashion spread. selling for what i payed $18 so so $26 shipped [/b]

[b] February 2006 BOON magazine

Has a massive matsuda shota (from LIAR GAME and Hana Yori Dango) spread and lots of fashion pages. Selling cheap as i want to sell it. Selling for $20 shipped [/b]


Teppei Koike 2-sided poster

Oh my gosh, I totally want the Teppei poster. *o* E-mail? =]

Mine is tylerbracey91@hotmail.com
how much shota is in the magazine? i'm pretty interested. i'm in the US so is $20 covering shipping to the US too? let me know! my email is poissonprocess@gmail.com, can pay via paypal. thanks!
hi !!!! i was wondering if August 2007 Junon and Feb 2006 BOON are still available??? :D
yes they are, i was originally asking $46 shipped for them both but i'm willing to offer them for $39 shipped.
sorry meant to write $38^^
Thanks :D
Hihi !!!! Oh i'd like to see some pics on August 2007 Junon then plz if possible :P
Hi there
i've taken some pics of all the mags i have.
Unfortunatly i seem to have sold the aug 2007 issue sorry. But ive taken pictures of the Boon magazine and the Other JUNON mags i'm selling.

May 2006 issue: containing Oguri Shun article,Maki article,WaT article,Lovely complex article and more.
Front: http://i519.photobucket.com/albums/u357/beckyluvskawaii/DSC02222.jpg
Back: http://i519.photobucket.com/albums/u357/beckyluvskawaii/DSC00001.jpg

March 2006 issue: containing Oguri shun article, WaT article, Koda Kumi article, Maki article and more.

Boon issue:
Front: http://i519.photobucket.com/albums/u357/beckyluvskawaii/DSC00001-1.jpg
Back: http://i519.photobucket.com/albums/u357/beckyluvskawaii/DSC00001-2.jpg
aaa .... i actually just want the Junon Aug 2007 since i wanna have the Hana Kimi articles ......... thank you anyway :)
are you still interested in Boon?